Roosting is not relaxing

Andreas Kim has sent through some Victorian sightings from Korea

This is the best high tide roost these godwit could find on April 3 when they arrived in Korea

The first two Bar-tailed Godwit with an orange flag were seen on Aphae Island on April 2nd and 3rd, 1B and ACC, both now seen already for the seventh year at the site. Other ones like HZX and CKX have also returned to the site as well as CY, now seen for the eighth year.

But there were also HVY, P1 and YS which were seen at the site for the first time, but only on one day and they were most likely just making a short stop on their way further north into the Yellow Sea.

Also seen for the first time was an individual with a plain flag on the right tibia and the metal band upside down on the left tibia. Two digits can be seen but a search in the database gave no result. Maybe someone can remember having banded this bird and it is possible to id it – wouldn’t that be great?

Do you know this godwit?

In addition two more, one female one male, with just a plain flag were seen – some older folks still fit for the long migration trips.

Over the years a few broken flags have been seen, but this year on Godwit showed a broken flag with very sharp edged contours that one wonders how this could happen and how the bird does not get injured.

Godwit with a broken flag