Little Curlew

This project is one of several AWSG wader tracking projects, that VWSG contributes to.

June 20, 2019

Little curlew 20 June 2019

All satellite transmitters deployed on Little Curlew have now ceased transmitting. There will be nothing further to report on this species in this programme this year.

May 18, 2019

Little curlews in China

The Little Curlews are progressing slowly to the north with one in the Yellow Sea region. Little Curlew LU is still in Yancheng Nature Reserve. On 7 May it moved towards the coast and now ustilise aquaculture pond in the buffer zone instead. The area is mariculture ponds for shells, shrimps, crabs and clamworms are carried out. LS continued to fly north on 10 May and transmitter signals indicate it was still migrating on 12 May, approaching Wenzhou in Zhejiang province.

April 16, 2019

Little curlew LL on its way north!

The first Little Curlew has started its migration. Little Curlew LL has moved about 90 km east on Seram Island, Maluku province. The others (LS and LU) are still getting ready for migration at Anna Plains and we expect them to migrate any day now.

Little Curlew LL track
Little Curlew release 80MB