Report on VWSG Cannon Netting Training Day

Our first ever VWSG training day was held at Yallock Creek on Sunday 21 February. The plan was to have small groups and give everyone some hands-on experience with every aspect of net setting with plenty of time to ask questions. We had nine willing participants and seven trainers.

The topics covered were:

  1. Deciding where to set the net – last tide wrack line, weather predictions, high or low pressure and wave action, slope of beach, and presence of rocks;
  2. Laying out the net – jump ropes, furling, pulling in the corners, markers, jiggler;
  3. Cannons – loading cartridges, loading cannons, placing the cannons and setting the angle;
  4. Wiring in – checking the circuit, checking the firing box, solving problems with the circuit;
  5. Post-firing – setting up keeping cages, runners, shade cloth, bird bags, differences between small and large mesh nets, wet catches, etc.

Although the training took longer than expected everyone seemed to enjoy the day and felt they had learned a lot. We plan to run another session for less experienced members in the future.

Please contact the Chair if you are interested in future training sessions.

Robyn Atkinson.