The bad news and the good news

We will start with the bad news; it is likely now that the Platform Transmitter Terminals (PTTs) on SEP and SEC have stopped transmitting signals. The last signal received from SEP was on the 18th April, this PTT has been underperforming since around August 2019. SEPs last known location was on the 2019 breeding grounds in Karnataka, India. There has been no sign of SEC since 2nd May with its last known location being 12km south of 2019 and 2020 breeding location in Prey Veng Province, Cambodia.

The good news is that SHE is still transmitting regularly.

2020 tracks from Eighty Mile Beach, Anna Plains Station to breeding grounds

And so it seems that SHE has, for the second year running, completed a successful breeding attempt, having spent 105 days at the Tonle Sap Lake breeding site. Leaving this area around the 10th June SHE has moved approximately 175km southeast arriving in Prey Veng Province around the 11th June.

Once again SHE has followed the 2019 itinerary and has now been in this area for 16 days. Last year SHEs movements and length of stay at this site suggested that a second breeding attempt might have been a distinct possibility. It will be very interesting to see how this story reads in 2020.

SHE – A comparison of movements 2019 (green track) and 2020 (yellow track).