And then there was one

We seem to have one remaining functioning satellite tag left. SHE is still transmitting regularly Tonal Sap Lake Biosphere Reserve. But SEC seems to have ceased all transmissions, with the last signal being received on the 2nd May and there have also been no signals received from SEP since the 18th April. There is always frustration in not knowing exactly why the satellite tags cease throughout a tracking project but with a lifespan of around 18 months it could be that SECs tag has ceased sending signals. A quick look into other known failures of electronic tags shows a variety of possible reasons such as harness failure, faulty transmitters, hunting of birds by humans, death by non-human predators (possibly bird of prey). These causes rely on resighting birds (dead or alive) in the field or being informed of hunted birds for human consumption and/or recreation. For birds that simply ‘disappear’ we are left wondering. However, there have been cases of tags failing to transmit any signal for months and then suddenly start functioning once again so we haven’t given up hope for either SEC or SEP just yet.

2020 tracks from Eighty Mile Beach, Anna Plains Station to breeding grounds