Read the latest King Island report from December 2018

The most recent King Island report is now available for reading. Catching was conducted between December 6 and 14. A total of 671 Ruddy Turnstone were counted over the northern, central and southern parts of the island, and 191 were captured over 5 catches. There were 67 were retraps and 41% of all turnstone captured were juveniles. In addition, 9 old geolocators (5 on yellow flags and 4 on white flags) were retrieved during this visit, of which preliminary data have been retrieved from 5.

Thanks to the team who participated: Clive Minton, Robyn Atkinson, Rob Patrick, Mark and Mem Smith, Prue Wright, Tessa Lamin, Marcel Klaassen, Michelle Willie and Katherine Leung, local King Island participants, including Graeme and Margaret Batey, Margaret Bennett and Liz.