Oriental Pratincoles still in Asia

This update is dedicated to Dr Clive Minton, the man responsible for this amazing project!

For just over four weeks SHE has been utilising, the highly modified agricultural land around Palembang, the heavily populated capital of South Sumatra. After five weeks in the Tonle Sap Biosphere Reserve, SEC seems to have left this area and has travelled approximately 2300 km south. Accurate location data shows its current location within the heavily populated boundary of Pekalongan City, Central Java, Indonesia, but it is likely SEC is actually situated in a more sparsely populated agricultural area approximately 100 km east of this location.

SEP update by Grace Maglio and Subbu Subramanya: With the last accurate data received being on the 15th October, showing SEP to be in Vattappala in the Mullaitivu District, Sri Lanka, it was with cautious relief to receive limited data, although inaccurate, showing SEP may have travelled to South Sumatra. Now we wait and hope for more information.

Oriental Pratincole locations as of November 2019