Darwin curlews still in the harbour but Broome birds have left

The Darwin Curlews AMANDA and DAMIEN are still in Darwin harbour. In 2018 these birds departed mid-to-late April – so we await their departure from tropical Darwin! GPS tag 182228 – GAVIN last transmitted on 22/3/2019 so may be out of phone reception.

Far eastern curlew GAVIN

ALL Broome Curlew are on migration! GPS tag 17006 – GRACE is near Shanghai; GPS tag 17008 – MICHA is on the coastline of southern China; GPS tag 180111 – ROZ is on the coastline of South Korea; GPS tags 180112 – PRUE, 180113 – MAUREEN and 180115 – MILLY are on the coastline of Taiwan; GPS tag 180114 – BIRGITA is still in South Sulawesi, Indonesia; and GPS tag 182226 – INKA On the coastline of Davao, Philippines.

Combined tracks of all far eastern curlew