Clive’s South Australian Send-off

On the 15th December we gathered under the vine covered verandah at the Stewart’s home in Rendelsham to farewell Clive. When I arrived I found Iain and Nick chucking a bag of fresh oysters from Smokey Bay. Clive would have been in his element! On the table was ‘Waders of Australia’ and a framed photo of Clive wearing a brightly coloured apron, wizz in hand, as he whisked up a bowl of crayfish mustard. There was also the family guest book with signatures of the team for visits going back to the first one in 1993. Present in the small group were five people who had been at the very first catch of Sanderling in Canunda in 1993 – Sandy and Iain Stewart, Noel and Sheila Boyle and Sarah Campbell (nee Sarrailhe).

Canunda, 1993. Bob Downs, Iain Stewart, Colin Boyle, Sally Stewart, Clive Minton

Iain spoke on the history of how the initial visit came to be. Then the call : 3…2…1……Fire! A VERY load bang along with a cloud of grey smoke!

Iain Stewart giving a speech at Clive’s sendoff