Tattlers now in Russia

All 4 tattlers proceeded to Russia in the last week of May. The first tattlers to set off is LBX which left the Fujian coast on 24-May after stopped over for 9 days. It then flew continuously for 6 days to reach an estuary in Khabarovsk Krai in Russia. After resting for a day, it continued to fly north-east to reach Magadan and apparently starting to breed.

Similarly, LBU, which also stopped over in South-east coast of China in Zhejiang Province, departed 2 days later and flew >3200km to reach southern Sakha Republic. It then continued flying north to arrive its breeding site on 5-Jun.

LBX’s and LBU’s migration to Russia

LDU departed North Vietnam a day later on 27-May. It has taken an inland route to arrive Krasnoyarsk Krai on 3-Jun. After stopped over at 2 locations in Krasnoyarsk Krai for a day each on 3- Jun and 7-Jun, it then flew north to reach breeding site on 9-Jun.

LDN was the last Tattler to depart for Russia. It left Guangxi Province on 30-May and reached Sakha Republic on 3-Jun. It apparently is still flying to find its breeding site on 9-Jun.

LDN’s and LDU’s migration to Russia
Migration tracks of our grey-tailed tattlers