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Victorian Wader Study Group

The Victorian Wader Study Group (VWSG) began its activities in 1975. The VWSG’s primary objective is to conduct a long-term comprehensive study of waders and terns throughout Victoria. This is achieved primarily through capture and release of birds at key high tide roosts.

The VWSG is a non-profit organisation and is made up of around 140 volunteers.

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Report on VWSG Cannon Netting Training Day

Our first ever VWSG training day was held at Yallock Creek on Sunday 21 February. The plan was to have small groups and give everyone some hands-on experience with every aspect of net setting with plenty of time to ask questions. We had nine willing participants and seven trainers. The topics covered were: Deciding where to…

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Some new wader science: The costs of using night roosts for migrating whimbrels: Birds using offshore roosts had twice the commuting distance and associated costs compared to those using onshore roosts - important to consider in some staging sites!…

Great shots of Bar-tailed Godwits. While all the attention is fixed on the mega migration of Bar-tailed Godwits in New Zealand, "our" Godwits will also be undergoing northward migrations in the coming months. Be sure to keep your eyes on @GlobalFlyway…

Great video of a foraging Ruddy Turnstones, so named as they turn over stones. Or in this case, whatever they think may have a tasty morsel underneath! Ruddy Turnstones are on the central species to our long term monitoring program, and we main catch them in Tasmania and S Aus.…

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