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Victorian Wader Study Group

The Victorian Wader Study Group (VWSG) began its activities in 1975. The VWSG’s primary objective is to conduct a long-term comprehensive study of waders and terns throughout Victoria. This is achieved primarily through capture and release of birds at key high tide roosts.

The VWSG is a non-profit organisation and is made up of around 140 volunteers.

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Ruddy Turnstone wanderings

Maureen Christie and her intrepid team made a catch of Ruddy Turnstones in late October 2020 in which they retrieved 2 geolocators near Carpenter Rocks in South Australia. The great news from these geolocators is that we have now retrieved six northward migration tracks from turnstone VAZ/ATZ – which had its first geo put on…

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Banded Stilt are amazing. They breed in the arid inland of Australia when wetlands appear following rain. More information about this species on the BirdLife Aus website:……

RT @birdlife_hoodie: Heading to the beach this long weekend? #MindTheHoodies if you do! This is the busiest weekend on AUS beaches and there are many flightless #HoodedPlover chicks on the ground! Give them a chance by walking on the water’s edge and keeping your dog on the lead. 📷Craig Greer

Have any thoughts about signage on Philip Island pertaining to Hooded Plovers? Be sure to fill out the survey!…

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