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Victorian Wader Study Group

The Victorian Wader Study Group (VWSG) began its activities in 1975. The VWSG’s primary objective is to conduct a long-term comprehensive study of waders and terns throughout Victoria. This is achieved primarily through capture and release of birds at key high tide roosts.

The VWSG is a non-profit organisation and is made up of around 140 volunteers.

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AWSG North-west Australia Wader and Tern Expedition 2022

The Australasian Wader Studies Group has scheduled a three week field trip to the north-west of Western Australia from 14th February to 6 March 2022 and applications are now open. Send your applications to Roz and Tegan. Information can be downloaded from: AWSG NWA 2022 Brochure and AWSG NWA 2022 Volunteer Role COVID-19 Although many…

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It's such an exciting time of the year - the waders are returning! And there is nothing better than watching their migrations in real time!! What a great update from @miranda_trust of their satellite tagged Godwits migration non-stop from Alaska!…

Wader fact! Sanderlings spend the non-breeding season on our shorelines and breed in the Arctic. During breeding they show amazing variation in patterns of mating and parental care- polyandry, polygyny, extra-pair paternity and uni- and biparental care!…

Red-kneed Dotterels are found in Australia year-round. They are not an integral part of our monitoring program, but we are always delighted to see these handsome birds in the field!…

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