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Victorian Wader Study Group

The Victorian Wader Study Group (VWSG) began its activities in 1975. The VWSG’s primary objective is to conduct a long-term comprehensive study of waders and terns throughout Victoria. This is achieved primarily through capture and release of birds at key high tide roosts.

The VWSG is a non-profit organisation and is made up of around 140 volunteers.

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Launch of Migratory Shorebird Habitat Directory

On April 21 the Australian Shorebird Habitat Directory was launched – the same day as World Curlew Day. This is a landmark accomplishment for the team, and celebrates thousands of surveys undertaken by volunteers over many years. You can read about the project and download the entire directory from the BirdLife Australia website. This document…

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Most of our migratory waders have left Victoria for their migrations to the northern hemisphere. Always great to get updates from further along the flyway, with incredible numbers at a stopover side in the yellow sea.…

A definite highlight of the recent South Australia expedition was recapturing Ruddy Turnstone "ATZ". This remarkable bird carried a geolocator for 6 northward journeys which has allowed us to learn about its incredible migration! More info:…

Red-capped Plovers are such handsome waders. They are found here in Victoria year round. While they are not a central species in our long term program, they are included in the Beach-nesting birds program.……

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