Update on South Australian Grey Plovers

As of last transmission 14th of April Grey Plover CAS had progressed over 4,460 kilometres after heading off from Bald Hill sometime after the 7th of April transmission cycle, and was over Dambalo, Kwandang in Gorontalo in Northern Sulawesi in Indonesia. Grey Plover CAR may be headed north again after its stopover on the western shores of the Gulf of Boni. The Plover appears to have been roosting the last few days amongst rice paddies of a small river delta near the town of Benteng, Pakkasalo, Sibulue in the Bone Regency of South Sulawesi, Indonesia. CAR has travelled over 3,700 kilometres from Bald Hill in South Australia.

The Male Grey Plover CAU was still in the Bald Hill area with transmission received on the 14th April feeding on the tidal flats and roosting on shore or in the samphire sabkas The last position received for CMN was: 4th April (09:15 GMT) west of Kupang Indonesia, having made over 3,000 kilometres from Thompson Beach. It appears transmission for the bird has been lost. This may be due to transmitter failure, loss of the harness or loss of the bird.